Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adopting A Virtual Pet

As a dog lover, it pains me that after awful experiences keeping dogs with extremely poor health but loved them too much to even think of mercy killing, I have decided not to keep any more pets. I still love them but I would rather not have to go through the pain anymore.

However, once a pet lover, always a pet lover. Just yesterday, I came across this website called FooPets, I don't know how long this site has been in existence but I have never heard of them before this, and am so caught up with the realistic dogs and cats that I decided to create an account and adopt a FooPuppy.

Take a look at this screenshot that I have enclosed. The breed of this dog is a Portuguese Water Dog and I have named him Poopy. He is so cute and reminds me of my dog, Snoopy, when he was a puppy. Snoopy wasn’t a Portuguese Water Dog but still, they look very similar. Perhaps all furry black balls of a puppy look like this.

SIGH…well, even though I no longer dare to keep a pet, at least I can still play catch with one, albeit virtually only!